2014-2019 Collective Agreement Highlights

The following are some of the key highlights from the 2014-2019 Collective Agreement.

Please note that the Collective Agreement was extended until August 31, 2019 by the Extension Agreement. The details of the Extension Agreement can be found at the end of the 2014-2019 Collective Agreement.

Special Geographic Vacancy Round
Allegation Procedures
Miscellaneous Leave – 2 Personal Days
Technology Concerns Committee
Sunset Provisions
Extracurricular Activities
Prep Time
Professional Activity (PA) Days
Professional Judgement
Provincial Benefit Trust
Salary and Allowances

Special Geographic Vacancy Round




For members living 25 kilometers or more away from their schools, there will be an opportunity to participate in a special vacancy round to achieve an assignment closer to home (while adhering to certain parameters).

Refer to Section L – D.6.1. of the Collective Agreement.

Allegation Procedures



When notified of an allegation made about them, teachers are now to be informed about the nature of the allegations. A commitment has been made to exercise greater respect and integrity for the process of allegations procedures to ensure better results for those involved.

Refer to Section L – A.8.5. of the Collective Agreement.

Miscellaneous Leave – 2 Personal Days



Outside of days taken due to personal illness, teachers retain five miscellaneous leave days to account for certain other categories of absence. Two of the current five miscellaneous leave days may be applied for and used at the teacher’s discretion, but not abutting breaks or holidays. There has been no other change to
the existing categories.

Refer to Section L – C.1.0. of the Collective Agreement.

Technology Concerns Committee


The Committee will address any and all issues related to technology, including hardware and software, compatibility, service, and maintenance.

Refer to Letter of Understanding, Re: Information Technology in the Collective Agreement.

Sunset Provisions


New Sunset Provisions will allow for the removal of discipline letters after two years if a member applies for this consideration.

Refer to Section L – A.8.3. of the Collective Agreement.

Extracurricular Activities



In the Collective Agreement, it will be acknowledged that extracurricular activities are voluntary for teachers.

Refer to Section L – D.22.0 of the Collective Agreement.



Grievance timelines will be extended by 10 days, allowing members more time to make a decision about putting forward a grievance.

Refer to Section L – F.1.0. of the Collective Agreement.

Prep Time



Preparation time will be scheduled in minimum time blocks of 30 minutes.

Refer to Section L – D.15.4. of the Collective Agreement.

Professional Activity (PA) Days


“The number of Professional Activity (PA) Days be increased from six (6) to seven (7).” “… The total number of school days would remain at one hundred and ninety-four (194).”

Refer to Memorandum of Agreement #3, Re: Professional Activity Days in the Collective Agreement.

Professional Judgement


“Defined as judgement that is informed of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standard that indicate success in student learning.” “… a teacher’s professional judgement is the cornerstone of assessment and evaluation.” “Teachers shall use their professional judgement to determine which assessment and/or evaluation tool(s) is applicable, for which student(s)…”

Refer to Section C2.5 of the Collective Agreement.

Provincial Benefit Trust


Parties have agreed to participate in a Provincial Benefit Trust.

Refer to Section C6.00 of the Collective Agreement.

Salary and Allowances


Effective September 1, 2016 and on 98th school day, boards will adjust their current salary grids, and wage schedules. September 1, 2016 > 1% adjustment to the salary grids, wage schedules, and to positions of responsibility allowances.

On the 98th day of the 2016 school year (Feb. 3, 2017 )> 0.5% adjustment to the salary grids, wage schedules, and to positions of responsibility allowances.

Extension Agreement

Please note that the Extension Agreement also included an increase in compensation beyond 2017. Please see the following table for a breakdown of the increases in compensation by year.

For the full salary grid, please access the Salary Grid for TDSB Teachers: 2014-2019.

Effective Date Increase
September 1, 2014 0.0%
September 1, 2015 1.0% Lump Sum
September 1, 2016 1.0%
February 3, 2017 0.5%
September 1, 2017 1.5%
September 1, 2017 0.5% Lump Sum
September 1, 2018 1.0%
February 1, 2019 1.0%
August 31, 2019 0.5%

Refer to Section L – B.1.0. of the Collective Agreement.