Former Locals

ETT was constituted in June of 1998. The organization replaced 13 former elementary teacher Locals across Toronto:

  • The City of York Women Teachers’ Association
  • City of York OPSTF District
  • East York Women Teachers’ Association
  • East York OPSTF District
  • Etobicoke Women Teachers’ Association
  • Etobicoke OPSTF District
  • North York Women Teachers’ Association
  • North York OPSTF District
  • Scarborough Women Teachers’ Association
  • Scarborough OPSTF District
  • Toronto Teachers’ Federation
  • Toronto Women Teachers’ Association
  • Toronto OPSTF District

Goals and Objectives

Since its inception ETT has:

  • Protected and defended Collective Bargaining rights, and secured for members:
    • equitable wages and allowances;
    • extended health benefits, such as Vision, dental, and long-term disability;
    • and better working conditions through improvements to staffing levels, supervision, preparation time, and leaves and transfers.
  • Provided leadership in the community through the support of charities and social-justice oriented causes, such as Campaign for Public education, Social Planning Toronto, GuluWalk, and more.
  • Stood in solidarity with Toronto-based locals and unions across Canada in defense of workers’ rights and fair wages.
  • Provided self-guided professional development opportunities through Federation Day and other ongoing workshops.
  • Supported members’ interests through political activism at the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal level.

It’s Elementary

The video above depicts the history and formation of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO)—ETT’s parent organization.