Amendments to the ETT Constitution and Bylaws Process 2015-2016

Changes to the ETT Constitution and Bylaws will be considered at the April 4, 2016 General Meeting.

All amendments must be submitted to the Legislation and Constitution Committee thirty school days before the General Meeting at which they are considered. The committee will work with the originators to create wording required for Constitution and Bylaw amendments, where necessary.


February 10 Constitution and Bylaw amendments are due to Legislation and Constitution Committee by 4:00 p.m. – thirty school days prior to April 4, 2016 General Meeting
March 2 Constitution and Bylaw amendments due to Executive at least fifteen school days prior to April 4, 2016 General Meeting
March 8 Constitution and Bylaw amendments to Membership at least ten school days before April 4, 2016 General Meeting
April 4 General Meeting – Constitution and Bylaws

Proposed amendments should be submitted to:

Yolanda B’Dacy
Executive Liaison, Legislation and Constitution Committee
Elementary Teachers of Toronto