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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Committee discusses issues of concern regarding the set up and implementation of the Toronto District School Board Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Government cutbacks across the system are leading to an increase in health and safety concerns in our classrooms and schools. The Health and Safety committee is instrumental in bringing these concerns forward and educating our members about them.

The Health and Safety Committee meets approximately once a month in the ETT office.

Please visit the Teacher Resources section for TDSB Health and Safety resources and materials.

Health and Safety Coordinator
Terri-Lynn Platt
416-393-9930 x238

Health and Safety Inspectors

Melony Duranovich
Wards 7 9 10 14 16

Loreen Gale
Wards 15 18 19 21 22

Mike Martin
Wards 1 4 5 12 17 20

Kristyn Owers
Wards 2 3 6 8 11 13

No scheduled Committee meetings