ETFO: OLRB Decision Regarding Extracurriculars in Trillium Lakelands and Upper Canada

The interim decision of the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) regarding the complaint lodged by Trillium Lakelands and Upper Canada District School Boards about advice ETFO issued to members regarding voluntary/extracurricular activities has been issued.

ETFO will abide by the OLRB’s interim decision, but it is important to note the following about this decision:

  • It applies to the Trillium Lakelands and Upper Canada District School Boards only;
  • It confirms, as ETFO asserted during the hearing, that the union’s advice to members about withdrawing voluntary services was not a directive;
  • It is an interim decision. Because no decision on the Charter issues has been released, no final order can be issued by the OLRB at this point;
  • It reinforces ETFO’s position that individual members have the right to make personal decisions about whether or not to participate in voluntary/extracurricular activities.
  • It also makes it clear that school boards cannot compel their employees to perform voluntary services or discipline them for not doing so.

ETFO will be presenting further arguments about the Charter aspects that arise from this complaint at subsequent OLRB hearing dates.

Please follow this link to see a copy of the entire decision.