ETT Member Nancy Rawlinson Receives 2014 OTIP Teaching Award

ETT is proud to announce that Nancy Rawlinson, a member at Davisville Junior Public School, has been awarded the OTIP Teaching Award for Excellence in the Elementary Teaching category.

From the OTIP Teaching Award website:

A parent volunteer states this about Nancy’s classroom: “If you walk into Ms R’s class, you realize immediately you have entered a special place. You feel drawn into it. You want to stay and explore. You want to learn.

She has created a world in her room that will inspire a child to dream and reach their true potential. There is something for everyone in her class – so every child will feel that they have a place there.”

Nancy layers the student’s learning – reading a book leads to another project such as creating puppets, writing, and sewing and to another project such as teacher interviews or writing messages of support for a funding project.

Nancy is actively engaged in the OISE web project, The Balanced Literary Diet.

The annual OTIP Teaching Awards, which are sponsored by OTIP (Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan) and OTF (Ontario Teachers’ Federation), recognize the outstanding contributions of teachers to their schools and students.

Winning teachers are hosted at a fall awards ceremony in Toronto where they are presented with a personal award of $1,000 and a Certificate of Recognition. Their schools are recognized as well with a $1,000 prize and a Certificate of Recognition.

TVO-Produced Video of Nancy in the Classroom