Expressions in Solidarity: Solidarity, Yeah!

Voegeli Juste-Constant
Henry Hudson Sr. PS.

“My composition is based on the indispensability of Unions.”

Lyrics: Solidarity, Yeah!  

Do we need Unions? (This verse follows a recitative pattern.)
Yes, absolutely. Why did you ask? Because, because I want to know.
By the way: What is a Union?
It’s an Association that protects Workers’ rights,
While teaching them to be true professionals,
And be proud of a job well-done.
Workers have rights, and also duties.
Obviously, we know that.
Unionized workers are true professionals.

Union is the way to go. (This part is sung.)
To guarantee better wages,
Union is the way to go.
To work in the classrooms,
Or wherever we choose to toil, free of harassment,
Union is the way to go!
Go! Go! Go! Unions go!

We need Unions to put equity and equality in,
And wipe out discrimination.
Union is the way to go!
To protect jobs, muzzle bosses’ arrogance,
And stop bosses’ wrong doings,
We need Unions.
Is there anything to add?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We need Unions.

Do you love your Union?
Yes, for better or for worse.
Union is the way to go.
Go! Go! Go! Unions Go!
Keep it up friends! (4 times)
Go! Go! Go! Unions go!

Long live to Unions! Solidarity Works! (At this point, go back to the top)

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