Cecil Peter


As a union rep in three different schools, I have had solid experience on day to day issues that teachers face. Also, I have been involved in community outreach work to help our union in building vital partnerships, raising awareness on key issues in education.  This community outreach work is vital with provincial elections coming up.  ETT needs to organize public relations campaigns to improve the public’s understanding of our position, protecting public education and our interest.

We currently have labour peace. However, we are paying a high price. Our meagre pay increases are barely keeping up with the cost of living index. We deserve better! In addition, are getting heavier workload. Many teachers now have to administer a new test called CCAT plus DRA, CASS and EQAO. Kindergarten and junior division teachers continue to get overcrowded classes. Moreover, the arbitrary, oppressive and opaque disciplinary process is still alive in TDSB, perpetuating a culture of fear.

I am a very caring and committed person with genuine people skills. I will work hard at your service.

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