Diana Andrews


During the last two rounds of negotiations, ETT members unfairly received the “short end of the stick” by an unrelentingly harsh, disrespectful and anti-labour liberal government. Those times were unprecedented in the history of contemporary, organized labour negotiations, and they represented a dark period in our fight for fair treatment and respect as professionals and leaders in the education community and beyond. Teachers were vilified and demoralized by the current government as a political strategy to weaken our strength and integral part in shaping a just and engaged society. The time to stop this unacceptable treatment has come, and we can – and will – do this together, united as never before in the history of our movement! This is our time; it is now!

My Qualifications:

  • •Executive experience!
  • •Transparency, Accountability, Expertise, and Commitment!
  • •Team Collaborator!

I will lead the fight to restore banked sick days to pre- 2012 levels, and I will fight to reduce teacher workload!

My experience, member dedication, and proven record of decisive progressive leadership, that produces wins,will champion the ushering in of a new era of member representation! I will fearlessly challenge the status quo and deliver on promises made. You have my word!

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