Alexandra Waithe

I have been a classroom teacher for 11 years and continue to see and experience the increasing demands and lack of support that we as teachers face from administrators, the School Board and the Ministry.  I want to be part of a collective, collaborative union that mobilizes all members to invoke change.

As the unity statement says, I believe in having a high participation union where teachers feel motivated to engage in and seek support from our union.  I am committed to making our union stronger and moving forward with the important work that needs to be done, heading towards collective bargaining in 2019.

I am committed to continuing the equity work that our union is doing in regards to anti-racism, anti-homophobia/transphobia, Islamophobia and the countless other inequities our members encounter.

As a member of the ETT-TDSB Kindergarten Committee, I am passionate about addressing and challenging our Board about issues such as class size, special education support, unfilled OT assignments, and our daily classroom workload.  Our youngest learners are being placed in classrooms with close to or more than 30 students and many of our Junior/Intermediate classes are exceedingly high, which is unacceptable.

Vote for advocacy and change!



Download the Flyer [PDF]