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Doris Duni

As ETT Secretary/Treasurer, I’ve demonstrated transparency and accountability.  I’ve applied procedures in a consistent manner.  I’m organized and detailed.  Over the past 6 years I’ve proven to be an effective treasurer, managing ETT’s finances responsibly.  I’m articulate and have strong communication skills.  Presentations and budget reports are concise and comprehensive.

Secretary/Treasurer is a leadership position which encompasses more than finances, requiring critical decision-making, support for executive officers and managing office staff.  With 14 years’ Executive experience, I’ve held various leadership responsibilities and have developed the necessary leadership skills for this position.

Over the past two decades, the Province has altered key aspects of how elementary education is governed and yet our union has remained unchanged.  It’s time for change!  I commit to the ETT Unity Statement ( for structural changes in the union that will enable and foster high participation to achieve significant bargaining results by working toward 90% (4) 90% Realignment and Restructuring Plans.  I’ve committed to this through 2.5 years of strategic goal-setting, leading to these plans.

I remain resolute in enforcing the principles of unionism; equity, inclusivity and social justice for all! I’m a strong candidate; an effective advocate supporting members individually and collectively.

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