Jamie Thom

The primary focus of ETT should be to negotiate the best possible Collective Agreement for its members. Central bargaining has completely changed the paradigm in which these agreements are negotiated; curtailing the ability of our local to negotiate many items that are now determined during central bargaining. We must adapt to these changing times, shifting to a campaign-driven, high participation model if we are to exert influence within our Union and build pressure on our employer.

The ETT kindergarten petition and campaign was a perfect example of effective, grassroots collective action in pursuit of shared goals. Whether it be violence in schools, lack of support in special education, or problems with the funding formula, we must expand this model to mobilize from the grassroots up if we are to harness our strength and maximize influence as the biggest teacher local in the province.

I believe that the executive should model the kind of collective solidarity it seeks to promote within the local.  If re-elected, I pledge to continue collaborating with all stakeholders to realign the structure and operations of our Union to better reflect the priorities of the membership at large.

I respectfully ask for your vote,

Jamie Thom



Download the Flyer [PDF]