Joy Lachica

How do we build our power? One conversation at a time… face-to-face, shoulder-to-shoulder and heart-to-heart. Without listening to one another, speaking up and having each other’s backs, we fail to claim the wins that can be ours as a union. Our relationships and our bonds carry us. Our empathy for each other in the face of increasing violence, teacher-blame, loss of our health and our prep, drives us to rise up and resist. We are teaching in unprecedented times. It’s time for leadership that connects us, engages and inspires us for the fight our profession has never seen.

At ETT we need heart, caring and a voice that channels the urgency of our asks and amplifies our demands so that we are heard and respected by the board, administrators and parents. When you elect me as your ETT President, I will lead progressively. I will connect and build capacity. With more than 20 years in the classroom, as ETT Executive Officer and now, as ETFO Provincial Executive Member, I have the footprint and proximity to lead with impact and vision. I want to participate in change and I believe it’s time. Vote Joy Lachica for your ETT President.



Download the Flyer [PDF]