Kwabena Frimpong

Colleagues, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you on the ETT executive for the past four years. Together, we have made many gains but much is yet to be accomplished. We must:

  • Move our organization forward by relentlessly addressing the worsening problem of increased violence in our schools
  • Partner with parent stakeholders to address effectively the broken provincial education funding formula
  • Push for a review and revision of PR560 to decrease unfounded allegations against teachers
  • Seek effective collaboration that builds meaningful solidarity for action
  • Fight for effective caps on all class sizes
  • Demand for Teaching VPs to be assigned two .5 positions as administrators in two schools rather than fill teaching jobs where they fail to fulfill teaching duties
  • Defend publicly funded education
  • Seek necessary help for members’ mental health issues

Vote for me as ETT President. I am driven by passion, purpose, and perseverance; and unapologetic in supporting ETT members. I have the tenacity to make a difference. 2019 is another bargaining year. Status-quo is not enough. Apathy is not an option. Walk the talk with me: We are united by a collective vision for a stronger Union in the 21st century.

Kwabena Frimpong



Download the Flyer [PDF]