Marcia M. Thompson

As the daughter of political activists, a teacher, and advocate for over 30 years, justice and equity became the bedrock of my approach to life. Over the past two decades, the Province has altered key aspects of how elementary education is governed and yet our union remains the same. We must change our approach so that we can advocate for the schools that our students deserve.  I am committed to building a stronger union through the support of structural changes that will foster high participation from the 90% of members who are currently disengaged. The future is in our power and we must focus our energy on building a vibrant union with our strength in numbers.

EO Commitment:

  • Build a stronger union through the support of structural changes
  • Cap Junior & Intermediate class sizes
  • Decrease violence in the classroom
  • Teacher Allegation – educate members on PRS Policies

ETT Involvement

  • Regional Councillor & Organizer
  • Vice Chair of RC
  • Chair of Political Action Committee
  • PD (Chair of sub-committee Federation Day 2017)
  • Member of ARESJ & Collective Bargaining Committees

My Mission & Character:

M-mobilizer, A-advocate, R-reliable, C-collaborator, I-integrity, A-ally




Download the Flyer [PDF]