Natasha Rodriguez

As an active member of our union, I attribute much of my professional growth to being involved with ETT’s amazing opportunities. These opportunities have propelled me to participate at our provincial level, within ETFO and as a “Leaders for Tomorrow” participant; I look forward to sharing great opportunities with more teachers.

My Commitment:

I am committed to being diligent within the Secretary/Treasurer role because ETT should be using our finances in a way that ensures that it is for ALL members.

As a former Executive Director for over two years, I understand the importance of working with community partners and other stakeholders.  I also built my knowledge and skills:

  • managing budgets over a million
  • balancing financial books
  • making sound investments

As Treasurer, I commit to helping members interpret the financial statements and providing timely reimbursements. I believe in providing important information such as: how members can apply for professional funds from ETT and answering members’ financial questions.  I hope to rebuild member participation by being more visible and communicating the importance of our union and all that ETT can do for our members.

A vote for me is an investment for all… because it’s time for change!



Download the Flyer [PDF]