Yolanda B'Dacy

The true business of our union doesn’t happen in an office.  Instead it lives in schools and classrooms, listening to and mobilizing our members to build a high participation union, so that we have the power we need, to get the victories we want, to see improvements in our profession. This is the local and provincial strength necessary to make changes so that we can all be at the table and win everything we want in our August 2019 negotiations.

Your vote for me as Vice President is a vote for my commitment to making your voice heard and your needs met, my top priority.

  • I will involve all members in ending student violence, guaranteeing workplace safety, as well as mental and physical wellness.
  • I will advocate for members during allegations. I will always defend our rights under the Collective Agreement and ensure respect for teachers’ professional judgement.
  • I will promote social justice, equity and change, as we look to partner with progressive parent and community groups, and other stakeholders to protect our publicly-funded public education.

Elect me as your Vice President and I will continue to fight for what matters to you.

Please vote for me: Yolanda B’Dacy.



Download the Flyer [PDF]