Amber Bowen


Friends and colleagues,
Throughout my 15 years of teaching, I’ve been a Committee Member, Union Steward, Regional Councillor and ETT Organizer. In these roles, I’ve had one-on-one conversations with many teachers who shared important issues. I want to advocate on your behalf to achieve the changes we want, need and deserve.

I currently sit on an ETT work-group that problem solves directly with TDSB officials to make improvements to some classroom issues we face every day.

As teachers, we deal with the lack of resources, lack of supports, violence in the classroom, parental harassment, difficult and sometimes harassing administrators, just to identify a few. I understand the frustration of the bureaucracy required to deal with these issues. As an Executive Officer, I’ll work with you and assist you to help manoeuvre through the appropriate procedures and protocols to get your issues resolved.

I’m committed to promptly answering your calls/emails, sharing information and pointing you in the right direction.  As an Executive Officer, I will be diligent building our union, maintaining and fighting for equity and protecting the rights of all members. I want to continue to grow WITH and  IN our union.

Vote Amber Bowen, Executive Officer!

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