Cecil Peter

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Fellow teachers, we currently have labour peace at a huge price: we are overworked and underpaid, with meagre pay increases and heavier workload as the order of things. For example, many teachers now have to administer a new test called CCAT in addition to DRA, CASSI, EQAO, et cetera. Many kindergarten and junior division teachers continue to get overcrowded classes. Also, the culture of fear, and the arbitrary, oppressive and opaque disciplinary process is still alive in TDSB.

We deserve to be treated much better!

With provincial elections coming up, ETT needs to organize public relations campaigns to improve the public’s understanding of our positions, protecting public education.

Please vote for me. I am prepared and committed. I have solid experience and working knowledge of day to day issues teachers face as a rep in three different schools. I will work hard for you. I have the genuine people and media skills that are needed. I am involved in community outreach work to help our union to build vital partnerships, raising awareness on key issues in education.

We need to get up, stand up for our rights! I offer you a person who never gives in. I will fight hard.

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