Marcia M. Thompson


As an immigrant teacher and a union activist, I have witnessed, and experienced inequities in the school system: curriculum workload (collecting forms, extracurricular activities), violence in schools and teacher allegations. I am extremely passionate and committed to advocate for social justice, and changes that could ultimately make our workload more equitable and less demanding. At a winter general meeting I advocated to have additional general meetings, specifically for members to come and share their concerns, directly to the Executive. This monumental event took place November 2016.

RC/Committee: Responsibilities

Work with EO in the FOS: organize and inform members of meetings, initiatives, and make recommendations to our Executive. As a member of several committees, CB, ARESJ, PD, PAC Chair, we also plan events in which members can actively participate.

EO Commitment-Advocate:

  • Cap Junior & Intermediate class sizes– improve on inequity and excessive workload
  • Violence in the classroom-work to eliminate violence in the classroom
  • Teacher Allegation – empowering and equipping members on PRS policies and procedures on how to navigate the challenging system

My Mission & Character:

M-mobilizer, A-advocate, R-reliable, C—collaborator, I-integrity, A- ally

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