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Our Students Matter: Campaign to Fix the Education Funding Formula

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An ETFO radio ad on fixing the outdated education funding formula.

Our Students Matter: Campaign to Fix the Education Funding Formula

The current provincial education funding formula is not realizing the schools that Toronto students deserve.

Large class sizes, insufficient supports for students with special needs, crumbling buildings and classrooms that are either too hot or too cold, cuts to specialist teachers, and increasing violent incidents—the barriers negatively impacting our students’ learning conditions and our working conditions—they’re all related to a broken funding formula.

We are saying enough is enough! Our students matter! It’s time to fix the funding formula!

In 2017, our Full-Day Kindergarten petition got almost 5,000 signatures from teachers in 3-4 days. The petition was a key part of our strategy to ensure proper training before the new Kindergarten report cards were implemented.

Campaign to Fix the Funding Formula: Phase One – Petition

On Monday, January 29, 2018, we are launching a multi-faceted campaign leading up to the provincial elections and Collective Bargaining in 2019 to put funding back in our schools.

Our first step is for all of us, 11,000 strong, to sign the Fix the Funding Formula Petition that will be circulating in schools starting Monday.

Let’s show the power of solidarity and demand that the provincial government make education funding a priority.

See the Top 10 Reasons Why We Need to Fix the Funding Formula
See the Campaign Resources

Broken<br /> Formula

Ontario’s Per Pupil Funding Doesn’t Come Close to Meeting Expectations

Ontario ranks dead last in per pupil funding among the 18 Northeastern and Great Lakes states and provinces—our key economic competitors.


Resources for Our Students with Special Needs are Severely Lacking

The TDSB lost $8.6 million in special education funding in 2016-2017, as the funding model prioritizes statistics, not actual student need.


Class Sizes in Grades 4-8 and Kindergarten are Too Big

The funding formula allows for huge class sizes (30 and above), shortchanging our youngest students.


Full Day Kindergarten Costs Aren’t Covered

The funding shortfall for the early years program was almost $15 million in Toronto in 2014-2015. This shortfall continues.


Health and Safety Issues Aren’t Getting the Immediate Attention they Need

Workplace violence, air quality, noise level, and mould are top health and safety concerns. Insufficient staffing levels and a $15.9 billion provincial repair backlog in our aging schools mean these issues remain unaddressed.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Funding Isn’t Guaranteed

ESL funding has never supported actual student needs. And worse, ESL funding isn’t protected, so it can be spent elsewhere to plug unrelated funding gaps.


Program Funding for Our Most Vulnerable Students Has Never Been Enough

The Learning Opportunities Grant, which funds programs for students who have a higher risk of academic difficulty, is insufficient. Like the ESL grant, there’s no accountability for how this money is spent by boards.


Elementary Students Don’t Get as Much Support as Secondary Students

Ontario continues to spend $612 less on elementary students than secondary.


Basic School Programs and Services are Treated like a Funding “Frill”

The funding formula doesn’t allow every school to have a librarian and fully functioning library. And Music, Art, Physical Education, and Guidance have never been properly funded.


Teachers do Regular Report Cards; the Province Hasn’t Since 2002

There’s been no comprehensive education funding formula review since the Rozanski Report of 2002. And nothing came of that review!


Our Students Deserve Better! Sign the Petition to Fix the Broken Education Funding Formula!

Download the Top 10 Reasons We Need to Fix the Broken Education Funding Formula flyer [PDF]


Shortchanging Ontario Students: An Overview and Assessment of Education Funding in Ontario, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Hugh MacKenzie, 2017. [PDF]


Petition Resources

The following are the Fix the Funding Formula Campaign resources that were sent to schools/worksites the week of January 29, 2018.

Petition to Fix the Funding Formula [PDF]
Top 10 Reasons We Need to Fix the Broken Education Funding Formula [PDF]
Petition Q&A [PDF]

Instructions to Stewards [PDF]
Steward Speaking Notes to Introduce Campaign and Petition [PDF]

History of the Funding Formula [PDF]

ETFO Resources
Learn more about ETFO’s 6-point plan for improving elementary education in Ontario.

Shortchanging Ontario Students: An Overview and Assessment of Education Funding in Ontario [PDF]
A report on Ontario’s education funding formula. Prepared by ETFO and economist Hugh Mackenzie & Associates.

Fix Our Schools Resources
Ontarians advocating for safe, well-maintained public schools.

Ontario’s Deteriorating Schools: The Fix Is Not In [PDF]
An analysis of the physical condition of Ontario’s elementary and secondary schools and the funding and program changes needed to bring them up to standard. Prepared by the Campaign for Public Education and economist Hugh Mackenzie & Associates.