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Provincial Election 2018

An<br /> Opportunity

An Opportunity to Realize the Schools Our Students Deserve

On Thursday, June 7, 2018, Ontarians will cast their vote in the 42nd Ontario General Election, the outcome of which is critical to the future of our shared public education system.

For more than 20 years, our schools, our students, and communities have been shortchanged by Ontario’s broken education funding formula.

The barriers negatively impacting our students’ learning conditions and our working conditions—they’re all related to the broken funding formula, including:

  • Large class sizes
  • Insufficient supports for students with special needs
  • Crumbling buildings and classrooms that are either too hot or too cold
  • Cuts to specialist teachers
  • Increasing violent incidents
  • And so much more

As advocates on behalf of public education and the students in our care, we know that this election is of the utmost importance to ETT members.

This is why we, as a union, have made this election, and campaigning to fix the education funding formula, our top priority.

Together, we are:

The ETT Executive posing with a banner displaying more than 7,000 member signatures demanding the government take action to address the broken education funding formula.

ETFO: Building Better Schools

ETFO’s provincial election lawn sign

In preparation for this election, ETT has also been developing resources and working with other locals, community groups, and parents to advance education issues, with a specific focus on promoting and disseminating ETFO‘s Building Better Schools platform.

The platform outlines a better vision for publicly funded education in Ontario through eight priorities:

  1. Fair Funding for Public Schools
  2. Small Classes for All Elementary Students
  3. More Resources for Students with Special Needs
  4. More Meaningful Student Assessment and Learning
  5. Greater Access to Specialist Teachers
  6. Greater Focus on Equal Opportunity and Inclusion
  7. A Strong Union Voice
  8. One Secular School System

Learn more about ETFO’s Build Better Schools platform.

Sign ETFO’s pledge to vote to build better schools.

Improving Public Education Together

We know that the final months of the academic year are a busy time for teachers, but with threats to our shared public education system looming, the importance of this election cannot be overstated.

Get engaged in the election process! Be sure to vote!

Please stay tuned, as we will be updating this portal weekly, with polling data, endorsements, media, and more election resources to come.

ETFO Better<br /> Schools

Building Better Schools

ETFO’s eight building blocks for providing all students in Ontario with the education that enables them to be successful learners and reach their full potential.

1. Fair Funding for Public Schools

Establish an independent review of the provincial education funding formula to identify changes required to meet actual student needs.

Learn more about fair funding

2. Small Classes for All Elementary Students

Reduce class sizes in grades 4 to 8 and Kindergarten to enhance activity-based learning, positive social interaction among students and individual attention from teachers.

Learn more about the impacts of smaller classroom sizes

3. More Resources for Students with Special Needs

Expand opportunities for all students to reach their learning and development potential by providing greater support for students with identified special needs and mental health issues and for students who are English language learners.

Learn more about how we can support students with special needs

4. More Meaningful Student Assessment and Learning

Cancel EQAO testing and focus instead on teachers’ classroom assessments of students.

Learn more about how we can improve assessment

5. Greater Access to Specialist Teachers

Ensure access to teacher-librarians and specialist teachers in the arts, guidance, and physical and health education to provide an enriched and engaging program for all elementary students.

Learn more about how we can get more specialist teachers in schools

6. Greater Focus on Equal Opportunity and Inclusion

Foster equity and inclusion in Ontario schools by providing more support for children living in poverty and children whose families are marginalized and by using schools to expand children’s services.

Learn more about how to build more inclusive schools

7. A Strong Union Voice

Maintain the ability of unionized teachers and other education staff to speak out on behalf of safe and healthy schools and policies that contribute to student engagement, academic success and personal growth.

Learn more about how unions advocate for educators and students

8. One Secular School System

Move to fund one secular school system for each official language in the province.

Learn more about a single secular school system for Ontario


ETFO Provincial Election Issues page


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Ontario Election Announcement
Rally for Building Better Schools


Building Better Schools – The ETFO Education Agenda [PDF]
Flyer – Eight Building Blocks for Better Schools [PDF]
The Value of a Secular Public School System [PDF]
ETFO Public Opinion Poll [PDF]
Questions to Ask Candidates [PDF]

Party Platforms

The following are the party platform highlights prepared by ETFO.

Green Party [PDF]

Fix the<br /> Formula

Ontario’s Education Funding Formula is Shortchanging Our Students

Economist Hugh Mackenzie, in his ETFO-commissioned review of the funding model, “Shortchanging Ontario’s Students: An Overview and Assessment of Education Funding in Ontario,” concludes that “education funding in Ontario has lost its way,” as the government “accepts no accountability for the adequacy of its overall level of funding or the approach it takes to allocating that funding across the system.”

Key Implications of Funding Cuts:

  • Ontario ranks dead last in per pupil funding among its key economic competitors, the 18 Northeastern and Great Lakes states and provinces.
  • Inadequate funding set well below actual operational costs has deferred maintenance, resulting in the marked deterioration of school facilities.
  • Special education funding does not meet actual student need.
  • Art, music education, and library services have been deeply cut in some schools, and completely eliminated in others.
  • Funds have been diverted from key programs that support at-risk-students.

Read the full report [PDF]
See the top ten reasons we need to fix the funding formula

Polling & <br />Projections

Aggregations and Projections

In the run-up to election day, ETT will be regularly posting updates from the CBC Ontario Poll Tracker and Too Close to Call.

Both sites aggregate all publicly available polling data to estimate the outcome of the June 7, 2018 election. For the duration of the Ontario Provincial Election, both aggregators will be producing regular seat projections based on aggregate polling numbers.

CBC Poll Tracker

About CBC’s Poll Tracker

CBC’s Ontario Votes 2018: Poll Tracker is maintained by Éric Grenier, the polling analyst who previous operated

Too Close to Call

About Too Close to Call

Too Close to Call is an election aggregation and forecast model operated by polling analyst Bryan Breguet.

Opinion Polls

The following are the most recent Ontario Election opinion polls.

Polling Firm Last Date
Liberal PC NDP Green Other
EKOS May 24, 2018 20.4 34.9 35.6 7 2.1
Forum Research May 23, 2018 14 33 47 4 2
Innovative Research May 23, 2018 26 36 31 6 1
Pollara May 22, 2018 18 37 38 5 2
Leger May 22, 2018 21 37 37
Ipsos May 21, 2018 23 36 37 4
Abacus May 18, 2018 24 35 34 5 2
Mainstreet Research May 18, 2018 22.3 41.9 29.3 5.0 1.4
EKOS May 17, 2018 23.3 39.1 29.8 5.4 2
H+K Strategies May 15, 2018 23 38 32 7
Ipsos May 14, 2018 22 40 35 3
Innovative Research May 12, 2018 27 35 31 6 1
Mainstreet Research May 11, 2018  22.1 42.3  28.4  5.4  1.8
Forum Research May 9, 2018 22 40 33 4 2
Innovative Research May 9, 2018 28 38 28 6 1


Elections Ontario

Election Day is Thursday, June 7, 2018. The polls are open from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Find my Voting Location

Advance polls open Saturday, May 26, 2018 and close Wednesday, May 30, 2018 (10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.). Check the Elections Ontario website for advance voting locations in your electoral district.

Ontarians can also vote at their Returning Office. Check the Elections Ontario website for the Returning Office in your electoral district and its hours of operation.

Am I on the Voters List? Check online using e-registration.

Toronto & York Region Labour Council

Conservative Record at All Levels of Government [PDF]