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What is Organizing?

Organizing is about leveraging and using power. As teachers, we have tremendous power, but only if we act to together.

Harnessing that power requires effective relationships, built over time through face-to-face conversations that engage, promote self-discovery, and identify shared common issues and the collective action necessary to address them.

“Organizing is about having hard conversations. It is fundamentally about having hard conversations with people and not running away from hard issues. You can’t win a union campaign…if you don’t do that.”

- Jane McAlevey, Union Organizer


Why Are We Organizing?

Our objective is to build a movement for high member participation so that we can effect change within our schools and win what we and our students need in our next round of bargaining.

Our member-driven organizing campaign, fully realized, will give us an unprecedented opportunity to promote our members’ rights and to fight for the strongest public education system possible.

As we move into contract negotiations in August 2017, we envision a united and mobilized membership, with a teacher from each school in the negotiations room, participating in the process and working with parents in our communities to build common bargaining goals.

Together, we can and will make the changes we need to build the schools that Toronto students deserve.


What Will Our Organizing Campaign Look Like in Schools?

Starting in September 2016, ETT member-organizers trained at our Summer Institute will begin the process of having face-to-face conversations with colleagues at schools.

The focus of these conversations is to learn about members and to build relationships. The role of an organizer is not to sell the union or to exhort its virtues, but to listen to members, to find out more about how they see themselves in their workplace and to record their issues.

By December 2016, we’re aiming to have had conversations with more than 6,000 members.

With our membership fully mapped we’ll be able to harness our collective power to better identify and act on the issues that are important to us all.


What Information Organizers be Collecting?

Organizers will be collecting basic information, such as your name, school, teaching assignment, etc., as well as more detailed information about the changes you would like to see in your workplace and your most important collective bargaining issues.

This information will be used to fully map ETT’s membership.

Please be advised that all personal information gathered by ETT organizers is confidential and fully protected by our Privacy Policy. We will not disseminate, rent, or sell your personal information to any third party.



September 2016

  • Organizers begin face-to-face conversations with colleagues

October 2016

  • ETT General Meeting on October 25, 2016

November 2016

  • ETT trains additional organizers

December 2016

  • Mobilization capacity tested with Federation Day call out

January 2017

  • ETT General Meeting concerning ETFO Resolutions

February 2017

  • Organizers meet with Jane McAlevey

March 2017

  • Executives assigned to focus on organizing campaign

April 2017

  • ETT General Meeting concerning the ETT Constitution

May 2017

  • ETT General Meeting concerning budget

July 2017

  • Summer Organizing Institute with designated school leaders

August 2017

  • ETFO Annual Meeting

Documents &<br /> Resources



Campaign Organizer’s Data Collection [PDF]
Secrets of a Successful Organizer Training Document [PDF]
School Chart [PDF]


St. Paul Federation of Teachers (SPFT)

St. Paul Federation of Teachers (SPFT) on their successes organizing and bringing the community to the bargaining table.

SPFT Power Of Community Book [PDF]

Download the Power of Community, a book detailing SPFT’s work with community and parents, organizing efforts, and recent successful contract campaign.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please direct any questions about ETT’s organizing campaign to John Smith, ETT President, at jsmith@ett.on.ca.