ETT Stewards 2016-2017 – Online Registration

On behalf of your ETT Executive team, and the entire membership that you serve, this is to express a sincere and massive “thank you” for the job you have done this year.

It has been said before, but it is worth repeating–our Stewards perform a vital function in ensuring that our local is strong, and able to meet the needs of all members in the many aspects of our professional lives.

As we look ahead to next year and beyond, we know we will face significant challenges. Our resources, including our ability to communicate quickly and effectively when issues arise, will be put to the test. A lot of work has been done, and will continue to be done, to ensure that our union will be able to rise to any challenge.

At this time, I encourage every school to find a few moments to choose their Steward(s) for next year. It will help those in the ETT office do the work needed if our Steward database is in place when the school year starts in September.

In most schools, the selection of the Steward(s) is a quick, non-controversial process. If any member(s) request that a more formal election procedure be conducted, that is their right. In that case, the Steward should contact her or his Executive Officer for advice and support.

PLEASE choose your 2016-17 Steward(s) before the end of this school year.

All selected ETT Stewards are encouraged to fill out the following online registration form by Thursday, June 30, 2016, at 4:00 p.m.

John Smith
ETT President

All ETT Stewards must complete the following registration form, regardless of the number of Stewards at a school/site.

All registrants will receive a confirmation email at the address provided.

Be sure to double check that you have filled out all of the required fields.

If you need to update the number of members at your school/worksite, please resubmit the form.

ETT Stewards 2016-2017 - Online Registration

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