Teachable Moments: Thanking Union Members For Their Dedication and Service During the Ice Storm

“Sometimes governments are the only things that matter. Sometimes public servants are precisely — that. Servants of the public. Private enterprise was nowhere to be found along the dark streets and in the freezing houses of the country’s Money City. The Fraser Institute didn’t clear away dangerous branches. The National Citizens’ Coalition didn’t  fix the subways. That was all done by public workers, most of whom belong to unions.”

Michael Enright, host of the CBC Sunday Edition, in discussing the things we learned from the ice storm, praises the thousands of Hydro and CUPE workers that worked tirelessly over the holidays to restore power, clear branches, and help Toronto’s most vulnerable.

Teachable Moments is an ETT Weekly/website-feature highlighting labour, education, and politics-themed quotes from the past and present, with the goal to engage and inform.