Information regarding Leaves can be found in Section C of the Collective Agreement.

Sick Leave

(Refer to Section C7.00 of the Collective Agreement)

Sick leave includes 100% of regular salary for up to 11 days. Our Collective Agreement states that principals can certify an absence of up to five consecutive days due to illness. You may be asked to present a medical certificate (i.e., provide a doctor’s note).

Pregnancy, Parental, and Extended Parental Leave

(Refer to Section L – C.4.0. of the Collective Agreement)

Under the Employment Standards Act you are entitled to a statutory leave of 17 weeks (Pregnancy Leave) and a further 35 weeks of Parental Leave. Additionally, members may apply for Extended Parental Leave (unpaid) for up to 52 weeks. Call your ETT Executive Officer for support.

Four Over Five Plan

(Refer to Section L – C.4.0. of the Collective Agreement)

The plan allows you to teach for four years, while foregoing 20% of your annual salary and being paid 80%. During the fifth year (the year of leave) you are paid 80% (20% accumulated during each of 4 years). Benefits and pension credits continue. Applications are due March 15th.

Miscellaneous Leaves

(Refer to Section L – C.1.0. of the Collective Agreement)

You may apply under this category for up to a maximum of five days in any one year for many purposes. An application should be made to the Board 5 days in advance wherever possible with a copy provided to the principal. These days do not come from your sick day allotment.

Specified Part-Time Leaves

(Refer to Section L – D.12.0. of the Collective Agreement)

While maintaining full-time status, teachers can apply to teach part-time for up to two years. Application is due March 1st. For application forms and timelines, check the Surplus and Transfer package which arrives at your school/site in February.

Leaves of Absence Without Pay

(Refer to Section L – C.5.0. of the Collective Agreement)

Apply in writing to the Board with reasons for your request no later than October 15th, for a leave beginning January 1st and and not later than April 1st for a leave beginning September 1st, unless other mutually accepted dates are arranged.