Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) For Experienced Teachers

The philosophy of the Union and the Board is that the Teacher Performance Appraisal should:

  • Support and promote the continued growth and development of experienced teachers;
  • Foster the collaboration and relationship building that is essential to creating and sustaining a learning community in schools;
  • Promote a learning community culture based on sharing, trust, and support.

Please contact your Executive Officer if you are being appraised and have any questions about the process.


TPA Process (2007 onwards)


One performance appraisal in an evaluation year every 5 years

Competency Statements and “look-fors”

In preparing the summative report the principal provides comments identified in discussions with the teacher as the focus of the teacher’s performance appraisal

Annual Learning Plan (ALP)

Teachers must take into account their learning plan from the previous year and their learning and growth over the year and the summative report of their most recent performance appraisal.

Summative Report

One enhanced ministry approved Summative form.

Rating Scale

Two point rating scale.