Tell Your MPP That It’s Time for Bold Action on Poverty Reduction!

The Government of Ontario is currently in the process of crafting the next iteration of its poverty reduction strategy.

In 2008, in response to overwhelming community pressure, the government implemented its first five year plan aimed at reducing child poverty.

The program was an amazing success.

In the first three years more than 40,000 children were lifted out of poverty through increases to the Ontario Child Benefit, and investments in children’s dental services and early childhood education.

Let’s make sure that the next strategy has the vision and resources needed to build on the progress made for our children. It’s time to lift all Ontarians out of poverty!

Visit and sign the petition to tell your MPP that strong action is required to build on the last strategy!

Get more information about poverty reduction strategies for Ontario at the 25-in-5: Network for Poverty Reduction website.

Image by F. Montino/Flickr. Creative Commons.