We Are Organizing to Build Power! And We Need You!

Everyday, we hear from teachers about issues that make our already complex jobs even more difficult, such as a lack of resources and supports for students with multiple needs, health and safety concerns, huge class sizes, and crushing amounts of paperwork, to name a few.

We all know that trying to deal with these concerns on our own is a band-aid approach that rarely yields lasting results.

To fight for the schools Toronto students deserve, we need to stand together, get organized, and build campaigns to win.

We’re Organizing Now and We Need You

In the summer of 2016, and again in the fall, we trained teachers to become Teacher-Organizers in our union.

Leading up to bargaining in 2019, our goal is to have one-on-one conversations with all 11,000 ETT members. We want to find and identify specific concerns, and take action now on widely and deeply felt issues across our local through collective campaigns.

To date, we’ve had 1,045 face-to-face conversations with teachers.

One-On-One Conversations at Your School

If you are interested in setting up one-on-one conversations with our Teacher-Organizers, please contact either Helen Victoros, hvictoros@ett.on.ca, or Yolanda B’Dacy, ybdacy@ett.on.ca.

Become a Teacher-Organizer

If you are interested in becoming a trained Teacher-Organizer, please register for one of the Summer Institute Information Sessions taking place on May 16 and May 18 at the ETT Office.

May 16 Information Session
May 18 Information Session

Together, and organized, we are powerful!