Wynne Wednesdays and Extra-Curricular Activities

ETT has received a number of calls and emails with respect to Wynne Wednesdays and the impact on extra-curricular activities.

As per ETFO Collective Bargaining Bulletin #29, on Wynne Wednesdays, “all ETFO Teachers and OT’s will focus on their classrooms:”

  • Teachers and OTs will refrain from any activities that take them away from their classrooms and focus on teaching and student supervision.

One of the questions addressed in the FAQs section of the bulletin also addresses this issue:

Can I run my extra-curricular activities on Wynne Wednesdays?

No. Members should not participate in running extra-curricular activities on Wynne Wednesdays. The focus should be on your classroom instruction and on student supervision.

Looking ahead to November, Remembrance Day will fall on a Wynne Wednesday. As per ETFO Collective Bargaining Bulletin #30, please note that:

  • Remembrance Day activities may take place, during the instructional day, on November 11th (note: this is an exception to the WTR provisions on Wynne Wednesdays).

If you have specific questions regarding Work-to-Rule activities, please contact your Executive Officer.

John Smith
ETT President